Bass player Jeroen Vierdag (1976) graduated cum laude at the Conservatory of Amsterdam in the year 2000. He plays the bass guitar and double bass. Jeroen plays in a lot of styles, such as pop, jazz, Brazilian and Latin.

Eight years ago he was very successful, together with drummer Lucas van Merwijk and guitarist Leonardo Amuedo (Trio A.M.V.) during the period when they released the cd“Live  in Amsterdam”. Since then he has played and toured with many artists from the Dutch music scene.

Currently he is a member of The Ploctones (with Anton Goudsmit) and he plays with Francien van Tuinen, Ed Verhoeff, Amina Figarova, Bart Wirtz, Ferial and Nueva Manteca. He is also a teacher at the Jazz and Latin department at the Rotterdam Conservatory.

His versatility and flexibility makes him an in demand bass player.